Giving your waste plastic a new life

Chemical recycling of Waste Plastic is a unique way to turn End of Life into a commodity.

Is your company ready to find a sustainable solution for your End of Life Plastic?

"Clenflex is a turnkey supplier of pyrolysis solutions for Waste Plastic and End of Life Glass Fiber ."
Why should you choose us?

Gain the insights to find sustainable solutions for your End of Life Plastic Waste

Our plants are dimensioned to the local amount of waste plastic .

Gas produced in our plant is recycled and used for heating.

Chemical recycling reduce CO2 emission compared to crude oil.

Uptimized logistic to reduce CO2 emission from transporting waste.

Our oil can be refined into naphtha, used in the production of new plastic.

We constant look to improve the efficiency of recycling .

Chemical Recycling

An efficient way to recycle waste plastic

Chemical recycling can increase plastics recycling rate and give new, high-quality life cycles to this valuable material. For plastics, it is a true circular solution.

Chemical Recycling can increase the amount of recycled waste plastic and enable circular lifecycles as it can turn plastic waste into new quality products.

The value of waste plastic

Waste plastic may be worth a lot. Probably so much that you can build a sound business around your waste plastic. And who doesn’t want to earn money and be circular with its waste at the same time?

Clenflex has test facilities to conduct pyrolysis tests of your waste. Our tests will show how much oil your waste plastic will produce. It will also show the quality of the oil and if it meets the expectations of international oil companies. If it does, your waste plastic may be worth a lot.

Contact us to get an offer for an analysis of your plastic.


The solution to improve the waste plastic quality

The old saying “Garbage in – Garbage out” also works when it comes to the pyrolysis process. The quality of the generated oil entirely depends on the quality of the plastic which is fed into the system. We always start our projects to gain a deep insight into the waste plastic which we have to convert. Based on this we design a robust and modulated pre-treatment system that will feed our pyrolysis reactors.

from waste to value

The Pyrolysis process

End-of-Life Plastic is no longer just waste. Processes like pyrolysis are these days gradually turning waste plastic into a commodity.

The output Oil can be refined into new chemicals and subsequent new plastic. The output Gas is recycled into heat and electricity. The output Char is used in concrete and asphalt.

A lot of other materials are very suitable for chemical recycling. Clenflex is very far with a new process to recycle glass fiber from old windmill blades.

our services

We have several offerings

Flexible solutions

Based of a 5 tons/day reactor we sell a flexible and mobile plant which can be located exactly where there is a need to clean up for smaller amount of plastic waste.

Stationary Plants

Based on several 25 tons/day reactors in parallel we have investment opportunities in complete turnkey pyrolysis plants. These plants will be sized to regional need for waste plastic recycling.

Pyrolysis tests

Together with our vendors we are able to offer pyrolysis tests of your waste plastic. The price for the tests vary according to amount of tests materials and the use of external consultants.


We offer to do consulting services in connections with tasks and projects that focus on utilizing pyrolysis. We can co-partner in projects we together explore new solutions based on pyrolysis.


Clenflex A/S Management

Jan Mathorne

Founder and CEO

Jan has his focus on investors, banks, financial and asset management, contracts, and oil off takers.

Niels Immerkjær

Founder and CTO

Niels has his focus on technical suppliers, waste plastic suppliers, and emerging technologies and processes.


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